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Wills and Probate

Sonnenschein Law LLC will assist you with probating an estate by drafting the Probate Petition and all the required associated forms, collecting the documentation for filing and notifying the parties required.  We will handle the notification and publication requirements and draft the return of service required by the Probate Court.  After the will has been allowed we will collect information from the client and other official sources to draft an Inventory.  At the appropriate time, we will draft the Accounts for filing with the Probate Court and closing the case.

The services we offer include:

  • Draft wills & trusts
  • Draft court documents for conservatorship
  • Draft court documents for guardianships
  • Prepare and file Petition for Probate of Estate and associated forms   
  • Notify heirs & devisees of probate proceedings
  • Publish notice to interested persons and file Return of Service
  •  Collect information and assets for preparation of inventory & tax returns
  • Evaluate and list assets (date of death & alternate valuation date)
  • Draft inventory
  • Perform Due Diligence for assets for the probate estate
  •  Review financial disbursements and receipts of estate
  • Surrender insurance policies and file insurance claims
  • Obtain tax releases
  • Draft accountings from first to final accounting
  • Draft closing documents
  • Collect data for estate planning
  • Make post-mortem planning calculations
  • Draft documents for sale of real & personal property
  • Arrange for real property appraisals
  • Order certified copies of documents
  • Contact legal or auditing departments about settlements & other estate matters
  • Prepare final settlement & order for final distribution

Fee Structure

Sonnenschein Law LLC will charge a flat fee based upon the complexity of the case.