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Real Estate

Whether your are buying or selling real estate, we can represent you and help safeguard your legal interests during a process that has numerous pitfalls for the unwary and the inexperienced. With the substantial financial stakes involved in real estate transactions, and the related legal obligations that may arise from them, you should have a real estate attorney representing you.

Sonnenschein Law LLC can draft the various documents required in residential and commercial closings, as well as arrange for services such as title examinations, surveys and plot plans and government documents needed (Municipal Lien Certificates, Good Standing Certificates).

We also draft documents such as purchase and sale agreements, deeds, powers of attorney, holdback agreements, corporate votes, etc.

As settlement agent, we work with the lender to collect all the data needed to complete the numerous documents necessary for the closing. This includes downloading and preparing the lender’s closing package, as well as reviewing the buyer's Closing Disclosure Form(CDF), and preparing the seller's CDF, the American Land Title Association (ALTA) Settlement Statement and the title insurance documents.

Attendance at closings and additional services are also available.

The various services we offer include:

  • Draft the Offer to Purchase
  • Draft the Purchase and Sale Agreement with appropriate Riders
  • Review the buyer's Closing Disclosure Form (CDF) generated by the lender
  • Prepare the seller's CDF
  • Prepare the ALTA Settlement Statement
  • Order the Title examination and review the results
  • Order the Lien Certification from the taxing authority
  • Order and review the Mortgage Plot Plan
  • Provide Lender with data for the required Loan Estimate (LE)
  • Draft Title Commitments
  • Interface with Lender for mortgage documentation requirements
  • Draft Deeds
  • Draft Powers of Attorney
  • Order or Draft 6D (Condominium Lien) Documents
  • Draft Homesteads
  • Draft Mortgages
  • Draft Notes
  • Review and Prepare Lender Documents
  • Order Title 5 Inspection (septic system)
  • Draft holdback agreements and releases
  • Draft Real Estate Trusts
  • Perform Due Diligence for Real Estate Closing
  • Draft Leases - both Residential & Commercial
  • Building Permit and Zoning Appeal Applications


The fees for these services are determined and agreed upon on a case-by-case basis, but, once they are determined, they are a flat rate, with payment due at closing.

If we are the attorneys for both the first-time home buyer and their lender, then we charge a reduced attorney fee to the first-time home buyer.