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The circumstances that prompt people to contemplate bankruptcy can be very stressful, and the complications of the bankruptcy court procedures don't make the situation any easier.  We will explain the bankruptcy process to you, including the types of bankruptcies that may be available to you, and we will tell you the information and documentation you need to provide for a successful bankruptcy petition.

After you and we agree to the legal representation, we will collect all the necessary information and documentation from you.  We will use these to determine the appropriate type of bankruptcy to be filed, in consultation with you.  We will complete all the required schedules and forms, including the various documents to be filed with the bankruptcy court, and also attend the Creditors Meeting with you.

Bankruptcy Services

The services we offer include:

  • Assist client in completing bankruptcy client intake forms and questionnaires
  • Assist client in gathering documentation for Creditors Meetings and Trustee inquiries
  • Perform client due diligence
  • Prepare prequalification of case as Chapter 7 or Chapter 13
  • Complete Means Test
  • Calculate Current Monthly Income and Disposable Income
  • Complete all schedules and forms (with amendments as appropriate)
  • Prepare the Chapter 13 Plan
  • Compile Creditor Matrix with mailing labels
  • Electronically file with the Bankruptcy Court
  • Prepare motions, as necessary.
  • Prepare materials for and attend the Creditors Meeting


The amount you can expect to pay is determined by the complexity of the level of service.  For an ordinary Chapter 7 filing in Massachusestts, for example, we currently charge a fixed, flat attorney fee of $1,350.